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I love painting stuff!

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  • I am not the best painter.
  • I try really hard.
  • It brings me peace.
  • Ocassionally I sell one or two.


Creation of the Universe until Present:

Opened up a bait shop at Hostal MaraBella Beach, Panama.


Over a span of 4,000,000+ years:

Multiple Honorary Degrees

Frequently Asked Questions & A Few Answers...

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Ask whatever you want and I will answer as soon as possible.

Pregunta lo que quieras y te responderé lo antes posible.

Fragen Sie, was Sie wollen, und ich werde so schnell wie möglich antworten.

Demandez ce que vous voulez et je vous répondrai dans les plus brefs délais.

Chiedi quello che vuoi e ti risponderò il prima possibile.

AUGUST SLOAN from Ireland; (From the film "My Conversation With God Didn't Go So Well")...

August's Question: You never told me the third question we should all ask ourselves each and every day.

G's Answer: I know, right? Sorry about running out of phone minutes.

So... just a reminder, the first question you should always ask yourself when faced with each and every choice during your day is...                          "Is this a choice I can live with if it becomes the last choice I make?"

The second question you should ask yourself every day when it comes to another person is...                                                                                         "Did you love them enough to be sure they KNOW you loved them?"

And the third question you should always ask yourself each and every day is...                                                                                                                       "If I spend my day doing exactly what I am doing right now, (or what I am about to do), worth the minutes and seconds I am going to trade for it?" - because I can NOT get them back! Make sure it is a fair trade. 


SABRINA DUNCAN from Mississippi; (Married but in love with someone else)...

Sabrina's Question: Do you, or do you not, support divorce?

G's Answer: Did you read the answers to the previous question? LOL. However, the reasons WHY you get married OR divorced are way more important than the act of divorce itself. If you know the marriage was a lie then you already know what you should do. FIX IT - one way or the other! Yes, I know you will remind me that I said marriage is a sacrament, BUT it must also be entered into for the right reasons. If one of the parties had a dishonest reason for getting married in the first place, then it was never what I meant the sacrament of marriage to be! Annulment should be based on whether or not there was actually a true and honest emotional commitment, to begin with. Was it a lie or not? Has it changed and become destructive for either party? Use some damn common sense, too!


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